Day 35 Miles 471 – 478 April 17, 2017

Before we were even out of our sleeping bags we heard Rockdoc, Woodrat and Galpal coming around the mountain. We said good morning and they came into the little hollow on the side of the trail where we set up camp last night. We chatted a bit and said we would catch up with them later today at the Andersen’s house.

Hiker registry

Not sure what this is on trail

Signing the registry – one of my favorite things to do!

Stopping on trail for a bite to eat while enjoying the view on the way to the Andersen’s

They are another very popular trail angel 7 miles from where we started this morning. They have been hosting people for 18 years!! We passed Larry again on trail and made it to the Andersens by 1pm with beer and Oreos to share. Hurricane had arrived last night and since he is leaving to begin the Continental Divide Trail on Wednesday he is staying here until then. The Andersen’s have a backyard that stretches far back and is filled with probably 50 little campsites tucked into corners and under manzanita. Rocks hand painted by hikers over the years were placed all through out the property. Terri and Joe welcome stinky hikers (and believe me, I feel like I’m at my smelliest right now) into their home during hiker season. They are still just getting set up now since we are still early in the crowd. We set up camp, passed the afternoon all hanging out in the backyard and were later welcomed with a big embrace from Terri herself.

Rockdoc, Galpal and Woodrat hanging at the Andersen’s

We all shared a hearty and delicious dinner of rice, baked beans, coleslaw and BBQ. Daddie Gizmo is feeling the hiker hunger recently. He had 3 plates of food. The Andersen’s, aka Casa De Luna, is known for being a party house and getting crowds of 50-60 hikers staying there in a night and it’s easy to get sucked in and stay longer. Hurricane said he was there 5 nights when he hiked the PCT in 2010 and there is another story of someone staying 5 weeks! Terri had some great stories to share from over the years. The six of us, however, were in our tents nice and early. 

Trail marker

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