Day 30 Miles 369.4 – 372 (Nero in Wrightwood) April 12, 2017

Well, we did it – 30 days! Of those 30, we have hiked at least a little bit 27 of them!IMG_5576

We loved waking up in a smushy bed this morning and were completely relaxed knowing we weren’t going to leave town until this afternoon.  In Cajon we had forgotten our Luci Light (inflatable camp light we like in the tent) in the Best Western and when I called, the lady I spoke with said she would be in Wrightwood today getting her hair done.  Perfect – we would relax until 2:30 when we would meet her. After enjoying the comfortable guest bed this morning that Rich offered us we got coffee and breakfast, walked around town, signed the hiker registry and got our PCT pins before heading back to Rich’s to game plan our next segment and pack up.  We hitched a ride back to Inspiration Point and only planned on going 2 miles up from the trailhead that intersects the PCT so that we could camp and and get a fresh start tomorrow morning.  We settled down on Jackson Flat which has grills so we got some hot dogs to grill, invited our good friend Jim Beam, and made a big fire for the first time since we began. It was a great night. We had the entire peak to ourselves and enjoyed a lovely view, dinner and some drinks. A great end to the day.  We may even hang around here late tomorrow since it’s so nice and we literally have no agenda and nowhere we need to be. Living on the fly is treating us well 💞




Campsite with view and fire