Day 31 0 Day in Jackson Flat April 13, 2017

Morning by Rob (Daddie Gizmo)

We woke up today in the clouds. Physically and mentally. We had this whole beautiful mountain top camping area to ourselves and, as the sunrise began, I realized I could see the trees 10 ft away from me but not the ones 25 ft away. The clouds were moving so very fast through our campsite and the meadow beside us. I’m sure I’ve never really seen clouds move past me in front of my eyes as fast as a little bird could fly before. We both rolled over n slept in some more. I was craving some coffee an hour later so we got up and I started a new fire. We had a great hikers breakfast of cake and hotdogs. The sun was trying to peek through the clouds but the fire in the big fire ring was good enough to keep us plenty warm. It didn’t take us long to talk about staying here for the rest of the day. We decided that we could slack pack a mile away and back for more water so we could cook dinner, make hot chocolate and have plenty for our leg out tomorrow. We need to move at a certain pace to complete the PCT before early winter starts in Washington state but we have also decided that we wouldn’t pass up a beautiful camp site even if it didn’t meet our miles goal for the day or use our newfound freedom to soak in all that nature has when we have a place like this one to enjoy. I’m 5 chapters into a Tom Clancy novel and Lace is napping beside me. The fire is low enough to stay alive but not need tending for awhile. Little Woodpeckers and Finches are chasing each other all around as the sun goes in and out of the clouds now. Maybe I’ll nap too.


Rob enjoying his coffee



Thanks S&K for the coffee!


Evening by Lacy

Today was the first real nap I have taken since we began this adventure. Granted I have layed under a thimble of shade in the desert and passed out from shear exhaustion in the middle of the day from the sun, but that does not compare to the divine two hour nap I had smushed up in my sleeping bag.  I feel asleep to the sound of the wind in the trees and slept hard. When I woke about 2:30 it was clear that the surrounding clouds had settled into our campsite. We walked a mile back on the trail to get some more water and by the time we came back we had just enough time to enjoy another fire and dinner before the rain started.  Rob read more and I feel asleep early to the sounds of rain and wind. It was delightful. This was my favorite zero day so far because it was so relaxed and we literally hung out in a cloud.


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