Day 27 Miles 332 – 342 April 9, 2017


The view from our campsite last night of Silverlake


Rob’s hair is getting long and crazy💜


Sunday brunch at Del Taco on the side of the highway!

It was great to lose track of the days this week. Our juice pack for the phones wasn’t charging all the way and it made us disconnect more which was appreciated. We enjoyed our little camping spot last night but it was chilly. Kept me up a little. First thing this morning we both had FOOD on the mind.

Alright, my stepmom thinks I am always talking about food which honestly I am, whether on this hike or not. I loooove to eat. Rob is a huge foodie and amazing professionally chef (though that is not what he did for a career). Collectively, we are very into food, but for these past nearly 4 weeks tasty food is not a priority.  We eat very simply and in a purely functional way almost every day…so when we get into town and can have even hot fast food that we don’t have to make ourselves after hiking anywhere up to 19.5 miles that day (our longest so far), it’s EVERYTHING. Plus, simply, we are just hungry. 😉

We hiked just under 10 miles in the morning to get to our destination: Del Taco at the intersection of hwys 138 and 15. The trail comes within .9 miles. There is a McDonald’s closer, but wanted burritos! The scenery continued to be stunning with desert mountain and snow vistas. We saw a couple new flowers as well. We ran into a group of three girls that started at the southern terminus five days after us, but have taken no zero days and are on the move. Woodrat, Galpal and Rockdoc were nice to speak to and said they are saying at the Best Western near the Del Taco tonight. We had planned to just eat, resupply for a day and a half to get to Wrightwood and then hike another few miles to camp for the evening. All that changed though about 4p when Rob started dropping major hints that he wanted to stay in the hotel for the night and clean up. I really wanted to go out and continue camping and not be locked inside 4 walls. I love being in our tent under the full moon and snuggled in my sleeping bag, but I acquiesced and we got a room. We did laundry, watched a bad movie, accidentally flipped on the news and saw what is going on with Syria!, ate more Del Taco for dinner and went to bed late. We have a big elevation gain of 5k feet before we get to Wrightwood and no water along the way so our packs will be heavy of water. Our enjoyable stroll the past week from Big Bear seems to be officially over, but we know we are up to the challenge.

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