Day 26 Miles 318 – 332 April 8, 2017


We started again in the burn area with more of Lacy’s variegated Lily flowers everywhere and climbed up to the rim of Silverlake Reservoir. What a different perspective that topping a crest makes. We had about 4-5 miles of a beautiful lake by our side for the day. After lunch we climbed more up for 3 miles and found the cutest, smallest, tightest, tiniest flat spot for the tent 1 inch off the trail and on the side of the mountain. We fixed some hot apple cider, a terrible freeze dried dinner, read some and were out early. There are some big freight trains that cross through the valley below and beyond us that let us listen to the distant horns every few minutes through the night. Maybe I missed some of the white noise of the city because it was great to hear as I woke up a time or two in the night because it put me right back to sleep.6174613376_IMG_03886174613376_IMG_03896174613376_IMG_03916174613376_IMG_03946174613376_IMG_0401

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  1. Hi! I’m Sue’s friend (Sam and my daughter Hillary were kids together), and I’m thoroughly enjoying your posts! I love to hike but haven’t done anything nearly as adventurous. The pics you post are Lovely! Thanks for sharing, and keep safe! -Stephanie



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