Day 25 Miles 298.5 – 318 April 7, 2016

19.5 for the day (3rd time but still haven’t done 20 yet)
Followed the Mojave River all day from 200 ft above all through the canyon it created a long time ago. We had a very cold river crossing up over Lacy’s knees and hiking skirt as we crossed the river for the last time of the day. We also passed by our first Naturalist (naked) hiker and met Coppertone who was working hard in the sun on trail maintenance with nothing but a flat shovel and hedge trimmers. True PCT’er from 06 who personally had adopted a few miles of trail as his to keep safe for the rest of us. Ended a long day in Grassy Canyon near a stream but it was in a burn area and nothing like we hiked in all day. Lacy nick named these flowers that come up in previous burn areas Lily Flowers. They are variegated from green to yellow, red, pink and orange leaves with tiny white flowers in the middle of their little Lilly Pad leaf. So odd that they are the first flowers to spread into such a desolate area of burned trees and they look like they should be in a Monet painting vs the desert.

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