UPDATE – May 20, 2017

Figure 8:

Since we last wrote we traveled from Ridgecrest to Los Angeles. We made it to the Dr in Ridgecrest who gave us the news: there isn’t any major damage to Daddie Gizmo’s knee, but he does have a torn meniscus. While we could push through the pain and discomfort we decided to take a conservative approach. We are taking 2-3 weeks off of trail to focus on rehabbing the knee. We want to be as strong and prepared as possible before going into the Sierras and since it’s still early we have plenty of time.

Knowing we were heading out of town, we rented a car Saturday morning to drive to LA to stay with Daddie Gizmo’s dad a couple of nights. On the way we grabbed gatorades, cookies and a little rum to offer hikers as they came out of the trail on Inspiration Point. This is where most people hitch into Wrightwood as we did. It was great to give back some of the love that we received on trail and see so many happy faces enjoy a cold drink and sweets after hiking all day. We have certainly been there ourselves and a little goes a long way.


Few more awesome people we met –  Daniel, G-Wiz & Master Splinter – who enjoyed some Gatorade, rum and cookies.


Sy and Stacy pose with Gizzie

G-wiz told us this was his first experience like this which made me even happier. From there we drove to Santa Monica to see the sunset on the ocean and enjoy the food trucks.


Pretty sunset on Santa Monica Pier

IMG_6055 Felt like we covered a lot of ground in one day. We both admit it feels weird not to be hiking right now and that is truly what we both want to be doing, but we recognize the amazing position we are in right now in our lives.  We have no obligations, nowhere we HAVE to be and can make whatever decision we want on a daily basis to change the course of our journey. There are still boxes of snow gear we ordered that will be put to use and don’t worry – we will still be having a blast  in the interim. Daddie Gizmo is in a patellar stabilizing brace and still needs to keep moving his knee so we will continue to do smaller hikes with less weight while he strengthens his knee. And we will keep you posted on his progress and our eventual return to the beautiful and maginifect Pacific Crest Trail that has my heart and has become my home ❤️💞‼️


  1. Dear Daddie Gizmo & Figure 8, We look forward to your updates an we’re thrilled to hear the latest. You remain in our hearts and prayers (we’ll worry a lot less the next two weeks:) We have had seven hikers since you left. The days are warming up an the nights are wonderful!! Lots of love, j&g*

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    1. Now there’s a good diet: Gatorade, rum, and cookies. Besides that it’s the age-old cure for torn meniscus.



  2. Hello! My name is Dennis (Roadrunner from my AT days). I have hiked from Mexico to Kennedy Meadows in section hikes. I have permits to get back on at Kennedy Meadows on June 15 and I plan to hike for six weeks. I live in the LA area. I have been following you north this year. Any chance of meeting up somewhere in LA area? I would love to officially meet you and to pick your brain about the upcoming sections!



  3. Hi! We would love to meet. We actually flew to NY yesterday where my family has a house in the Catskill mountains. We are taking some R&R here for a week or so for Rob to rest his knee. We are going to go back to LA before we hop back on the trail and that would be a great time to catch up! Do you want to send me your email and then we can keep in touch directly as to when we will be there? Thanks for following along!



  4. Enjoying your journey. It’s like following a couple on the Amazing Race without the drama. Looking forward to your comeback. Sending healing mercies your way. Enjoy the rest.



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