Day 44 Miles 588 – 602 May 8, 2017

Daddie Gizmo:

Our sunrise came up through the mountains and windmills this morning. We may not see windmills for a while now as we get more remote and another day in the mountains toward Walker Pass. We were 14 miles away from our next water source, Robin Bird Spring. IMG_5827IMG_58266174625456_IMG_0544It was a 3000 ft total elevation gain today which seemed to come 1/2 at the beginning and 1/2 at the end. Very good luck today that we hiked in between 2 bubbles of other hiker groups and had the trail all to ourselves again. The middle of the hike was a very pretty and diverse since it went in and out of pine trees, rock canyon wall edges and grass meadows. Lots of flowers still blooming, too. We proudly crossed the 600 mile marker along the way to our camp site.IMG_5824 IMG_5828IMG_5831IMG_5832IMG_5830Lacy was really looking for some place out of the way of and with a view. After our water fill, she scouted out a little hilltop, a hundred ft off and up from trail that was perfect. Just enough room for one tent and the sunset.


Our campsite 😊


One of the gorgeous views from the site

We got here pretty early in the day, 1:30pm so we had the whole afternoon to enjoy. We set up the tent and each had a nice tea. Something we normally don’t have the luxury of time or water to do. I cleaned out a spot between a trio of rocks and built a nice fire that lasted all afternoon and evening. We cooked sausage and mashed potatoes for an early dinner. Are you following the mashed potatoes theme? 🙂 Gotta have those carbs. For about 30 minutes we had to do a little rain scramble as an afternoon shower came in quickly. Now it’s gone, fire is rekindled and the skies are clear enough to take off the rain fly and stare at the stars until sleep.IMG_5840.JPG



sunset view from the campfire



Day 43 Miles 571 – 588 May 7, 2017

Daddie Gizmo:
6174625456_IMG_05476174625456_IMG_0540It was cool n still gray when we finally emerged from our cocoon today. It was also almost 9am. Sleeping in when we know the weather today would be cooler from the rain last night was the plan from the time we went to sleep last night. We had a big climb out of the high canyon we were in to another higher and then another higher canyon before finally dropping down to out target water source 12.5 miles into the day.


Yep, still in the windmills

Along the way we were rained on again but this time it was from melting icicles at the tops of the pine trees along the trail.


You can see the direction the wind was blowing within the rain last night…1/2 the tree is covered in ice.

6174625456_IMG_0537We met a German girl going southbound and stopped to chat with her. She was on her gap year, traveling around the world. For 1 of her 4 weeks in the USA she chose the Walker Pass to Tehachapi section of the PCT to hike which is the most remote and longest water carry 1 week stretch she could have chosen. It’s a beautifully brutal 94 miles. Golden Oak Spring was a welcome sight after slowly using all of our water over the previous 25 miles.6174625456_IMG_05446174625456_IMG_05436174625456_IMG_05386174625456_IMG_0541 We took an 30 minute nap, loaded up again and aimed for a camp site 5 miles away to finish the day. Freeze dried Chicken and Mashed Potatoes followed by 2 Cupcakes for desert. Snug in our fluffy bags under a big bright moon. Tomorrow is going to be hotter even at this altitude so the alarm is set early.6174625456_IMG_0549

Day 42 Miles 558.5 – 570.86 May 6, 2017

We woke up feeling very well rested in the backyard of Casa D&D.


Our comfy spot at Casa D&D

I didn’t wake up once last night – it was divine! Since we knew it was going to be a cool day due to the rainstorm rolling in, we weren’t in a big rush to get on the trail. We woke up about 8:30 and had breakfast of leftover fried chicken and Fritos and dip that we had for dinner last night. We were able to spend some more time chatting with Dave before he and Dale took us back to the trailhead. In the car, Dave and I both commented how one decision that I made yesterday – to take a ride with him and not Stogie – set off a chain of events that brought the 5 of us together. We really developed a great connection in a short amount of time and are thankful for it. We gave big hugs goodbye and Daddie Gizmo and I started on trail at 11:30. Our packs were pretty heavy because we had to resupply for 94 miles to Lake Isabella. We planned for 6 or 7 days to get there. It is remarkable that we still haven’t done a 20 mile day. We had so much time to enjoy the trail since we started early that there hasn’t been any pressure to do big miles. IMG_5811


Still walking through windmill farms

6174644576_IMG_05326174644576_IMG_0534Knowing that it would be cooler the next 2 days we bought meat, cheese and a loaf of ciabatta which is going to be a very nice treat. Our hike was nice since it was a cloudy day. We took a break about 9 miles in under some Joshua Trees.


Sieata time!

Their little needles are sharp and I bled pretty good when one poked me in the big toe. We finished the day 12.5 miles in at a little over 5,000 ft. The clouds were becoming darker and we wanted to set up camp before any rain began. We found a great spot with the perfect windbreak.IMG_5815IMG_5814 Someone even left some gin – ha!IMG_5820 We didn’t drink it because we already rationing water in this part of the desert and don’t need to dehydrate. We each have less than 2 liters on us and have 12.4 miles to the next water tomorrow. This was a 25 mi stretch without water. As soon as we got the fly on the tent we felt drizzles. We finished getting things in the tent quickly and were warm and dry! We enjoyed our delicious sandwiches, read our books and were asleep by 9:30. It was a really nice day 😊