Bicoastal Gypsies Hunter, NY May 26, 2017



A little greener here than the desert 😉

Figure 8:

Us again 😊  We haven’t gotten back on trail yet and since we last wrote have traveled even further away.  My family has a place in the Catskill Mountains in NY that is in a beautiful and seemed like a great option for resting and rehabbing Rob’s knee. We are hearing lots about the Sierras from friends who are there now and we are both eager to be back on trail. In the meantime, we are soaking up the lush green landscape, playing scrabble, enjoying being able to cook in a kitchen again and sleeping in, of course.  We will have some other little adventures on the NE coast this next week and will keep the updates coming…IMG_6073 Daddie Gizmo:

I’ve already hiked miles 558-702 with the meniscus tear, knowing something was wrong but not exactly what or to what degree. Those miles and mountains certainly didn’t help it but it may not have harmed it much more than the amount of Advil I put through my kidneys. My new job: Today and everyday it is a rotation of 7 leg strength stretches then 2 miles, 3 times a day with no weight or elevation change and rest in between. *This would all be very boring if I wasn’t here in the Catskill Mountains. Next, I increase the strength and add miles while also slowly adding weight and elevation, but being sure the pain doesn’t get back over a certain level. My goal is 2 more weeks. Maybe 3 to have more strength and less pain in both knees, not just the torn one. As you have watched some of our pix, I’m the one who is now very jealous of the ones from our trail friends just going into the Sierras now. Ghost, RockDoc, Tatters and Rex: We will rejoin soon. Please cut a good trail for us. 🙂
I’m a few days into this specific plan after about a week of rest. If all continues well, Figure 8 and I will both deserve a reward for our patience. I say “us” because she is being so very supportive while I’m being so structured in my exercises.
Question number 1: Is it still Lobster season? Do you know what goes great with a Lobster Roll? A Pina Colada. Barnacle Bills in Ogunquit, ME got me addicted to that combination. I can’t have one without the other anymore.
Question number 2: Can we borrow a car? 🙂


Gizzie loves to cook

We love it in these mountains so much, we were married here 2 years ago, this August 💞💞


We defnitely love these mountains


We clean up nice

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  1. Hi guys! been watching your blogs intently to keep an eye on the conditions in the sierra. Im writing/photographing a book about the JMT this summer and our hiking plans are obviously at the will of the snowpack. I haven’t been able to find any journals of anyone actually in the sierras yet, do you have a recommendation of anyone’s blog who is in the thick of it all? My wife and I have our snowshoes ready for the first leg of our trip from Yosemite Valley to Tuolumne and back out the same way starting next weekend, he’s to a record year and some beautiful scenery. Cheers! Damon



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