Day 54 Miles 693.52 – 702.23 May 28, 2017

IMG_6039.JPGFigure 8:

I woke up with visions of sugarplums dancing through my head. Not even the frozen dew that was covering the top of my sleeping bag (we rarely ever have the fly on), the tent and various other items left outside could get me down. Today was the day we finished the desert and arrived at Kennedy Meadows! Woo hoo! Since we needed a little extra time this morning to lay things in the sun to dry I made coffee.


Coffee anyone? And yes, that’s my sleeping bag catching some rays on a rock

We were both trying to remember if we ever made coffee before on a morning we were hiking and agreed that this was the first. I had a huge cup and by the time we were out of camp at 8:45 I was flying on caffeine. Daddie Gizmo and I gave each other a big hug before beginning the trail for the day and congratulated one another. Maybe a little early, but heck, we only had 9 miles to go. And they went fast! We met up with Nascar from Phoenix less than a mile in and the 3 of us hiked together to KM.6174639376_IMG_06406174639376_IMG_0645


Hitting 700 with Nascar!

6174639376_IMG_0646 It was great to spend the 3 hour hike having “hiker chatter.” This typically involves where you camped the night before, various stories from your hike thus far, trail angel encounters, what wildlife you have run across, gear you need replaced and ills you have. Overall though, it’s just a really positive conversation because generally everyone you run into is in a great mood. Why would you be out of here if you weren’t enjoying it??


Kern river

6174639376_IMG_06426174639376_IMG_0644We arrived in KM about noon and it was great to walk up to the general store and hear the group of other hikers on the patio cheer for us as we approached. I told you, getting to KM is a big deal. IMG_4705IMG_4706We finished the desert and we had a great time! Leaving ourselves enough time so as not to rush and have shorter days and zero days when we wanted was the best option for us. We promptly devoured a double double burger that was fantastic. I finally wasn’t hungry anymore. We were looking forward all day to seeing Dave who drove up from Tehachapi to visit us!! Daddie Gizmo and I really fell in love with him and his wife Dale when we were in Tehachapi. It felt great to have an afternoon to catch up with him. He has great positive energy around him. Since Daddie Gizmo had decided on the way to KM that it was best to see a Dr for his knee, we took Dave up on a ride to Ridgecrest where we were able to get an appt. tomorrow morning. We grabbed a cheap hotel, did some laundry, took showers and ate dinner. No sunset tonight but I’m sure it won’t be long before we are in our tent again.


  1. Yay, you made it to KM!! Kennedy Meadows is such a magical place to me. I have fond memories thwre as a child, an g will someday too!! Great news this a.m. So glad Daddie Gizmo received medical attention. Figure 8 we loved your smile in the photo from camp, making coffee, your radiate my dear!! Cheers to another magical day. Xo~j&g*

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  2. Great job, you two! We couch potatoes out here in the blogosphere anxiously await your next (snow) adventure. If you decide to skip north, we will be clearing the Hat Creek Rim of mosquitos for you (probably with our blood) for you next weekend… 😉



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