Day 29 Miles 356 – 369.4 April 11, 2017


Today was a hard day on trail.  We began at 8am and continued to go straight up almost the entire day. We were lower on water than we should have been, knowing there wasn’t any source for the next 13 miles until we reached Wrightwood. The combination of rationing our water and the continued uphill made the miles harder. We kept pushing because we wanted to get done before the heat of the day. Turns out none of that mattered because 3.5 miles before we arrived at the road to hitch a ride, we hit a lot of snow on the north face of the mountain.  This was more than we have ever encountered. It was very icy too. It took us over 2 hours to do those miles when it could have easily been done in 1. We both fell twice and slid down the mountainside in the snow.  It’s a little scary and we agreed that we are not going to do that again without snow gear. The first time I fell, I saw myself going towards a tree as I slid down so I stuck out my heel and caught myself before I slid further. Or nailed it on the tree.  Rob and I both managed to loose our footing on different areas and fall at the same time then.


Even a hard day is still wonderful when you have views of layers and layers of mountains like these ❤️

By the time we got to the end of the trail for the day we were both exhausted mentally and physically. It was one of our most taxing days because of the lack of water and then the intensity of going through the snow.  Thankfully for us we knew we were heading straight for food…oh yes, more  food!

All we had eaten by 3:15 was a power bar each and some beef jerky. We hitched another ride into town in the back of a pickup and went straight to Mexico Lindo. We ran back into Galpal, Woodrat and Rockdoc who were enjoying the 5 cent margarita you can get at this place on Tuesdays with the purchase of food.  They were really good and so were the fajitas. Great spot.


With full bellies, we walked the short distance to the trail angels house where we had arranged to stay. Wrightwood is pretty small so the 7 minute walk took us by the grocery store, hardware store (where we plan on going tomorrow to sign the trail register and get a PCT pin😊)  and post office. That’s everything we need right there.

This is the first time that we have stayed with a trail angel and we were so pleased we did. Rich, who hosted us, could not have been more generous and kind. Just genuinely a nice guy. He has opened his home to hikers this year and last and hopes to hike some of the trail next year. I hope that we will still be in touch and can join him. After an enjoyable evening chatting over some cake Rob and I brought, we all crashed. It was nice to snuggle up in a bed tonight.

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