Day 44 Miles 588 – 602 May 8, 2017

Daddie Gizmo:

Our sunrise came up through the mountains and windmills this morning. We may not see windmills for a while now as we get more remote and another day in the mountains toward Walker Pass. We were 14 miles away from our next water source, Robin Bird Spring. IMG_5827IMG_58266174625456_IMG_0544It was a 3000 ft total elevation gain today which seemed to come 1/2 at the beginning and 1/2 at the end. Very good luck today that we hiked in between 2 bubbles of other hiker groups and had the trail all to ourselves again. The middle of the hike was a very pretty and diverse since it went in and out of pine trees, rock canyon wall edges and grass meadows. Lots of flowers still blooming, too. We proudly crossed the 600 mile marker along the way to our camp site.IMG_5824 IMG_5828IMG_5831IMG_5832IMG_5830Lacy was really looking for some place out of the way of and with a view. After our water fill, she scouted out a little hilltop, a hundred ft off and up from trail that was perfect. Just enough room for one tent and the sunset.


Our campsite 😊


One of the gorgeous views from the site

We got here pretty early in the day, 1:30pm so we had the whole afternoon to enjoy. We set up the tent and each had a nice tea. Something we normally don’t have the luxury of time or water to do. I cleaned out a spot between a trio of rocks and built a nice fire that lasted all afternoon and evening. We cooked sausage and mashed potatoes for an early dinner. Are you following the mashed potatoes theme? πŸ™‚ Gotta have those carbs. For about 30 minutes we had to do a little rain scramble as an afternoon shower came in quickly. Now it’s gone, fire is rekindled and the skies are clear enough to take off the rain fly and stare at the stars until sleep.IMG_5840.JPG



sunset view from the campfire




  1. I wake up every morning so excited to read your next post. I am not able to do a thru hike but have tried to do some weekend hikes and I’m addicted! Keep up e post and stories, it’s like reading a book you can’t put down and I love all the pics!



  2. Wow, what a beautiful compliment. Thank you 😊It’s really great to know that people enjoy reading the blog. It keeps us going!!



  3. Oh same here! I SO look forward to your posts! And the pics are lovely. Keep ’em coming and happy trails!



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