Day 43 Miles 571 – 588 May 7, 2017

Daddie Gizmo:
6174625456_IMG_05476174625456_IMG_0540It was cool n still gray when we finally emerged from our cocoon today. It was also almost 9am. Sleeping in when we know the weather today would be cooler from the rain last night was the plan from the time we went to sleep last night. We had a big climb out of the high canyon we were in to another higher and then another higher canyon before finally dropping down to out target water source 12.5 miles into the day.


Yep, still in the windmills

Along the way we were rained on again but this time it was from melting icicles at the tops of the pine trees along the trail.


You can see the direction the wind was blowing within the rain last night…1/2 the tree is covered in ice.

6174625456_IMG_0537We met a German girl going southbound and stopped to chat with her. She was on her gap year, traveling around the world. For 1 of her 4 weeks in the USA she chose the Walker Pass to Tehachapi section of the PCT to hike which is the most remote and longest water carry 1 week stretch she could have chosen. It’s a beautifully brutal 94 miles. Golden Oak Spring was a welcome sight after slowly using all of our water over the previous 25 miles.6174625456_IMG_05446174625456_IMG_05436174625456_IMG_05386174625456_IMG_0541 We took an 30 minute nap, loaded up again and aimed for a camp site 5 miles away to finish the day. Freeze dried Chicken and Mashed Potatoes followed by 2 Cupcakes for desert. Snug in our fluffy bags under a big bright moon. Tomorrow is going to be hotter even at this altitude so the alarm is set early.6174625456_IMG_0549

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