Day 23 Miles 268.5 – 286 April 5, 2017



Bright green Lichen


A Gizzie snow angel

We slept in a little this morning till about 8:30. Since the temperature is cooler at 7500 ft we didn’t feel rushed to get miles done before the midday heat made it difficult. She set a pretty good pace first thing in the morning so I just followed along, warming up for the day. Lace and I stuck together the whole day since there were no major climbs or drops in elevation. Nice gradual 500 ft up and down and up again, but spread out over several miles. Being able to look back over Big Bear Lake from way above and also see the snow covered mountains behind it that we had spent last week crossing was a very gratifying experience. We are bundled up now by a creek with full bellies looking up at the stars n the moon. It’s a clear sky so quite well lit by a moon that we should be full in another week. Our tent that we call the 4SR is really just a double person mosquito net without the fly on. Unless it is threatening rain, we don’t use the fly. It just helps you feel mush more connected to the environs. After all, that’s why we are here!


  1. So glad to see your blogs today I was worried something was wrong Happy hiking so interesting to read glad you could walk together today



    1. We will go through spaces of no coverage from time to time or, in this case, lack of power for the phones needing to save what we have for GPS apps. Sometimes it’s nice not to reach for your phone to google something for a few days in a row, too. 🙂



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