Day 16 Miles 201.2 to 213.4 March 29, 2017

We woke up to a really pleasant morning. Not cool at all, but naturally that just means it’s going to be warm early. My calves were sore this morning and Rob had his ills also, but once we got going everything loosened up. It was a hot one! We both ran out of water 2 miles before we made it to the next water location. Then we ran into the volunteer forest rangers who frisked us for our PCT permits. Naturally, I had them in the very bottom of my pack so while I’m parched and can feel an unpleasant new blister on my big toe, I have to pull everything out of my bag to get to these darn permits. This is the only time I can think of in 2 weeks that I was genuinely annoyed. After 8 miles this morning, we reached the freeway and hitched a ride 5 miles to an In and Out burger. Sometimes it’s the people you would never expect to stop to give you a ride that do. An older Chinese lady who only spoke enough English to say she is Chinese and doesn’t speak English took us to our location. The burgers were fantastic! And I probably ate mine in 90 seconds. I considered a second. On the time their I told Rob when we got to In and Out I was going to wash my hands, face and brush my teeth and that I would look like a homeless person. He said, “Baby, you are homeless.” Touché. We got another hitch back to the trail after buying some more food for our packs and started what became a very very hot walk. We stopped after 2 miles and found a sliver of shade where I fell asleep. The sun was taking everything out of me. An hour later we walked the 2 miles further where we camped in the

windmill farm we saw yesterday as we came down the mountain. Early night since we think we may get up real early to beat the heat tomorrow.



I should have had 2!


Meet back up with Castiron

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