Day 14 Zero Day In Idyllwild

We decided to take a day off trail today since we weren’t really sure where we want to get back on trail as of last night. Actually, as I’m writing this at 9pm we are still not sure. There’s a bunch of snow and ice on the trail in the San Jacinto mountains for the next 15ish miles so we checked out alternate  routes. We are going to sleep on our options and make a game time decision mañana.

As for today, we had a good opportunity to go through our bounce box to take what we needed, got some more band aids for blisters, inspected and repackaged our gear and best of all we hooked back up with our trail family. Tasha and B got in last night after doing an insane 29 mile day!! Way to go chicas. Then Mellow got into town today. B ran into him in town. We also reunited with two brothers we saw at Mike’s house (not the German brothers. These guys are from S Cali). We are all staying together in a big house practically across the street from where Rob and I stayed last night. It’s nice to be back with the family and get to know everyone else more. I gave Tasha her trail name tonight – Canary – because she always has a song running through her head and sings on the trail. Heading for snow one way or another tomorrow. Stay warm for us wherever you are 😊


The ranger station does not miss an opportunity to promote safety first 


Our little Idyllwild Inn cabin 


  1. Nice blogs, guys! I look forward to following along.

    I hiked in 2015 and WOW it sure is a lot greener in your pictures! Enjoy!

    I worry about the snow for you. I have heard Squaw Valley (which you will be walking through) is planning to keep the ski lifts open until the Fourth of July! I’m guessing there will be large snowfields in the southern Sierra throughout the summer and fall. So, I hope you have your micro-spikes handy. Still, the later you wait, the lower the stream crossings will be, unless swimming in ice cold water is you’re thing.

    Let me know if you have any questions. So far, you’re doing great!




  2. Hi! So glad to hear from you! We are 8,200 ft up now in the area on San Brenardino mountain that opened this year after the fire closure. We definitely had some snow to deal with today. We already have a small break planned in 3 weeks so that’ll give some time to let the snow melt. The cove is different this year with all the hikers cause no one is really in a rush to get to Kennedy Meadows and then the Sierras, but since we have this break scheduled we are just moving right along. More news soon!



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