Day 2 Miles 8.65 to 20

Written by Rob
My posts are going to be a mix of our experiences and notes to fellow n future PCTers. My thanks to bloggers from PCT class of 2016 that I followed last year while prepping for our trek this year. Claudimoon, Blazer, Hammer n Corky. Hiker Harrison caught up with us just in time to go up a desert canyon at high sun time. It was a challenge in the heat but we found refuge under a huge boulder for an hour before going the other half up and over. We camped at Lake Morena with 10 others. A few seasoned hikers had made the first 20 miles in one shot. The rest of us rookies took two days. Since our first day was really a half day, it was just right for us. Beautiful desert flowers because of all the recent rains and “extra” streams that would normally be dry by now are a blessing. Topping a hill to see what is beyond or even a rabbit that decide


View from campsite



Campsite #2- Rob making dinner


Giz loves a view




Campsite #1


Sunset from where we camped

s to run in front of us for a bit are proving to be little inspirations too.


A lesson I quickly learned today is that shade and water = 😊.  On the other hand, the ☀️ between 2 and 4 is BRUTAL. We got up from our secluded campsite about 9 and hiked through the morning when we met up with Harrison. We had stopped so Rob could tape up a blister on my heel. It was nice to hike with someone and chat. He works as a fisherman 4 months of the year and travels the other 8. Living the dream. He did the AT in 2013 and has a faster pace so he is ahead of us now. Maybe we will see him later. He huddled up under the boulder with us seeking shade in the middle of the day. We met up with him and several other hikers at Lake Morena campground. I was so exhausted at then end of the day and apparently everyone else was too cause everyone was in their tent by 7:30 and vowing to wake up early and get in miles before the heat of the day. It was a great day‼

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