Day 1 Miles 8.65

We got to California yesterday after a very long two days of packing our house up. There were happy tears shed many times along the way. Just knowing that this goal we set a year ago is actually happening is an overwhelming feeling. We agreed that we wanted to shift our lives towards being connected to nature and the earth more. Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and moving to California is how we decided to turn that desire into reality. We have been so fortunate to have support from our friends and family during this adventure.

Our first day began with an hour long drive from San Diego to the border. Rob and I were both very touched that his dad came to see us the day before when we arrived in CA and that my parents flew all the way from New York to drop us off on the trail. I ate snacks and drank water the entire way in anticipation of what was to come. As soon as we got to the Southern Terminus a wave of emotion washed over me and tears filled my eyes. We had made it! This was really happening!

After a few photos, we set off on our way. The fact that we didn’t actually set foot on the trail until 1pm did not work to our advantage. We definitely started on adrenaline, but the middle of the day in the desert is hot even in March. We also had nearly 9 lbs of water each in our packs in anticipation of there not being water for the first 15 miles. Fortunately, that was not the case. From all the recent rain in California there were streams where there typically never are. The flowers were blooming, wildlife was out and we were feeling great…heavy packs and all. Rob walked right over a snake without noticing it, but that was he only one we saw. We came across one other hiker who seemed pretty wiped out and since we were trying to make Miles and find a campsite we just did a quick hello. At 5:30 the sun had completely wiped us out as well as the elevation changes and we settled on a spot to camp off the trail. We didn’t break any records at 8.65 miles but we know our speed will pick up. We were camped in the middle of nowhere, watching the sunset over the mountains and I cried a few more tears of complete joy. This is everything we wanted! We ate and were in our tent by 8 and asleep very shortly after, under a bright moon that illuminated the sky like natures night light.


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