Riding through Sumbawa’s countryside: raw and beautiful May 12, 2018


Yesterday, when we rode off the ferry in Sumbawa and started east we both had the sensation the we had “come home.”  Not that we intend to move to Indonesia, but having gone back and forth to Sumbawa while we lived on Kenawa, we had a sense of familiarity with the road we were on and what to expect.  It felt comforting, like home. This morning we began our 2 day ride east across the island to arrive in Mt. Tambora tomorrow evening. We have arranged a guide to take us on a 3 day trek of the volcano. The ride today was so beautiful and serene, driving through the quiet countryside and villages.  We had about four hours of actual ride time, winding through the growing mountains and then along the coast.  We stopped every hour or so to stretch our legs and get a fresh juice from the side of the road, cold sprite or lunch overlooking the mountains and water. All in all, it took 6 1/2 hours before arriving in the very small traditional town of Cabang Banggo. There are no hotels here, but we were told there are 2 Homestays. We had no idea what to expect: would it be a mattress on the floor, a room full of people, shared bath..?  But whatever it was going to be we were up for it because it is part of our Sumbawa experience and getting to that volcano! Fortunately, we were both pleasantly surprised when we were shown a room with a bed off the floor and our own private squat toilet. Not bad! And for the equivalent of $7 USD.  Tomorrow we have another 4 hours of ride time ahead of us through more picturesque landscape while traveling to our guide’s guesthouse.  Rob and I both really love the raw beauty of this island and seeing it in it’s natural state, unadulterated by the tourist industry.



    1. We are extending our Visas for a third month and hoping to find a home to rent for a couple weeks so we can cook, hike, relax and maybe surf :).



  1. You are definitely obsessed with that motorcycle

    On another note, when you return, please tell us you have a book agent for Modern Gypsy Tales: PCT to Indonesia.



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