Colorado to Canada and beyond…soaking in nature’s beauty by foot, car, plane and motorcycle September 7, 2017



Celebrated our two year wedding anniversary in Vail with a gondola ride


Whiskey tasting on our two year wedding anniversary


Gizzie finds a big mushroom


Overlooking Dillon, CO


A rainbow right outside our front door in Dillon, CO


Figure 8:
Our two weeks in Colorado were filled with beautiful scenery, the solar eclipse and familiar faces. The home we rented was in Dillon, near the lake, with trailheads out our front door. We were so fortunate to be able to see our friends from Dallas three different times since they were on vacation less than an hour away from the home we rented. I hiked my second 14er this summer, Mt. Elbert, in their company.


Hiking up Mt. Elbert


Hiking up Mt. Elbert


Summit of Mt. Elbert

Of all the hikes I have done since we left the Pacific Crest Trail earlier this year, Meadowcreek Trail, in CO was my favorite. It began with a steady 3000 ft elevation gain along a creek and popped out into a stunning meadow reminiscent of the Eastern Sierras. It was at that point I had planned to stop and head back to the trailhead for a total of 9 miles but the view was so stunning that I just kept moving forward to see what was next. Climbing higher up the mountain I came to a ridge that overlooked the mountain tops and valley between in each direction. I stopped for a long time and soaked in the beauty before heeding the warning of the dark clouds and heading back.


Meadowcreek trail


Meadowcreek trail


Meadowcreek trail

It’s true that I miss thru hiking or even multi-day hikes. I wouldn’t hesitate to start the PCT again in March and make it the whole the way this time hopefully. Rob’s knees are slowly getting better and as soon as he is ready I have already said I will be the Sherpa and carry all of our backpacking gear as long as we can hike together again. In addition to my hiking every other day, Rob and I saw an amazing flamenco concert, Rodrigo and Gabriel, at the amphitheater in Vail. What a great experience to hear such lively music while watching the sunset over the mountain and eventually being under a blanket of stars. We visited Loveland Pass, Breckenridge and Pikes Peak as well.6241778160_IMG_1014Giz does Pikes Peak:


IMG_7226Pikes Peak was really impressive being able to drive to the the top and Rob LOVED being able to drive on the windy climbing road that is also the race course!
Leaving Colorado on August 27th we drove back to Dallas. No, no, thankfully we are not even six months into our trip so not heading back for good. Not that we would head back to Dallas. We are definitely moving to another state when we are done, but Rob is selling a car in the Mecum auction today – a ’78 Lotus Esprit, the James Bond car from Spy Who Loved Me!


Lotus on auction floor

And, I needed to get my helmet so I could go motorcycle riding with my dad for a few days to Canada. This is the 11th year my Pops and I have taken his motorcycle on a ten day camping trip through New Hampshire, Maine and Canada. I had a whirlwind 32 hour visit in Dallas bouncing from friend to friend catching up and sharing laughs before taking a 5am flight to New Hampshire where I met my Dad. I joined part way through the trip this year and we went to the Bay of Fundy in Canada. I have been there many times before but I just love that area where the tide changes are the highest in the world. There is a certain stillness and softness to eastern Canada that I haven’t seen elsewhere.  Being on the motorcycle trip this year (which I never expected to be since I thought I would still be on the PCT) made me realize how much I have gotten my adventurous spirit and love of the outdoors from these moments with my pops as a younger person. As he said, I took his love for adventure and took it to a whole different level.


View of Bay of Fundy from house we had in Alma. High tide and mid- low tide on right:



Took the bike up Mt. Washington


After a beautiful and relaxing weekend, my dad and I rode back to Hunter, NY, in the Catskill mountains where Rob and I were married. I am spending a quiet week here until Rob drives north from Dallas so he and I can start the epic Canada portion of our adventure! He has never been to Canada and we are going all the way to Newfoundland. We will be gone 3 1/2 weeks before coming back mid-October to NY to see my best friend/sister from another mother who will be in the country for two weeks.

At just under 6 months traveling, exploring and discovering new pieces of myself, I am in a great head space. Rob and I are planning our future and learning more about ourselves, this vast beautiful world we inhabit and our marriage along the way. I am sure we will have lots to share from our Canada trip so stay tuned!

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