Day 55 Back on Trail! Miles 702-706 June 11, 2017

IMG_4838Daddie Gizmo:
Thank you so much for the well wishes, thoughts and 4 Leaf Clover emojis while I rehabbed my torn meniscus. So far, so good. Of course, being off trail for three weeks means that we have to get our wind and hiking legs back to form. But the nervous part for me is that after soaks and showers, I’ve lost almost all of the hard earned and beloved calluses on my feet that were protecting me from blisters.  The best part is seeing the happiness on Figure 8’s face and her loving smiles.


These crazy sculptures are on the trail again-still no idea who is making these and dropping them for hundreds of miles on trail

Figure 8:
We made it back to California late Friday, a full day of traveling behind us. We were in good spirits and knew that we needed to get a lot of little things done Saturday before getting back on trail (pick up fuel for cooking, get our remaining food for the first stretch…). It took us 2 hours to sort through how we were going to alter our gear for the snow in the Sierras and put together our bounce box and another box of food that we will pick up down the trail in a couple of weeks, but we were finally ready to get back! Papa dropped us off at the trailhead mid-afternoon Sunday and we began the journey again. These next few days and 45 miles are kind of like the gateway to the Sierras…the change from high desert to Alpine Forest. We had already decided that we would only go 3-5 miles today as we were both still pretty tired from running all around all weekend and just wanted to camp by the river, get to sleep early and start fresh in the morning. When we came across the bridge we saw there was a flat area right by the roaring river where we could set up camp and have the white noise of the Kern River all night. It worked out great. Ate dinner, in the tent and asleep by 7. Feels good to be back.


The explosion of snacks and gear to sort through before getting back on trail

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  1. We’re glad to hear Daddie Gizmo has recovered. It’s great to see you two back on the trail. Looking forward to the updates.
    Big hugs from g & j

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