How Did We Wind Up Here?

When we first met in 2011, it quickly became apparent that we shared a deep wanderlust and sense of adventure. We had each done plenty of traveling on our own and realized that we loved experiencing new people, places, cuisines and travels much more than ever because we were with each other.  Together, we would fly to a different city for a weekend trip to explore and enjoy the local cuisine or pack up the car for a 2 week road trip. Through all these experiences it was becoming more and more obvious that individually, we each are our most calm and authentic selves when we are outdoors, experiencing the elements, hiking, being in tune with our bodies and thoughts.  Consequently, we have become even stronger together.  I don’t think our friends and family were completely shocked when we told them during first year of marriage that we were planning to turn our entire lives upside down, quit our jobs, sell all of our belongings and try to conquer the magnificent Pacific Crest Trail.

To know us, is to understand our need for adventure and a new challenge. The difference this time is that we are sharing this experience together. Planning for months to make a passion like this come to fruition brought us closer to one another and made us so very thankful that we have the opportunity to not only walk 2,650 miles across the country in heat, rain and snow, but that we are each making this journey with our best friend.

This is just the beginning.