The joys of having a fisherman at your doorstep 🦑

In the world of two foodies and a bonafide chef (Rob is a classically trained French chef from L’Ecole Escoffier in Paris), our morning started off beautifully. I was up earlier and approached a fisherman who was in front of the house asking, “Beli ikan?” Buy a fish? He presented me with his catch – four fresh squid. I asked him to hold on a minute while I grabbed my Suami/husband from inside. Rob rolled out of bed, put some shorts on and quickly came back home with four live squid that he purchased for $50,000rp or $3.75 USD.


Step 1: clean them



Step 1: break them down


Clearly, a bargain. We were both so excited. We hadn’t had squid yet since we arrived in Indonesia. Rob began breaking them down, setting aside the tentacles and 2 of the steaks cut into strips to batter & fry with salt and pepper.  We immediately fried that fresh meat and it was SO GOOD! I can’t rave enough about how fresh and delicious it tasted for breakfast!!!


Step 4: fry


Step 5: ENJOY!

The other 2 steaks were braised for several hours with ginger, chili, shallot, soy and garlic and made a delicious dinner over rice.  Operation squid was a success and we hope to repeat it.

We have already dubbed tomorrow, “day of the goat” since we plan on getting 1 kilo when  we head to Alas market in the morning to prepare 2 separate ways for lunch & dinner.


The 🦑 braise begins



I forgot to add a few photos last night from our sunset view on the pier. It was quite beautiful 💓🌅


There are trees on the southeast side of the island. None line our northern shore



  1. Now you got me – Fresh squid in ginger sauce – yummy – beautiful sunsets – Reminds me of Naomi’s parents camping in Mexico on Isla Muerjas – they would get fresh fish from lefty, he was a one handed diver – loved his conch!! Having a classically trained chef doesn’t hurt!!



    1. I loved hearing stories about their Mexico travels when we were at the arboretum. Thanks for all your comments – they are always so nice to read.



  2. A cooking lesson in Squid! Looks good, although I’ve never had it. And thanks for all the pictures on your blog. They are great and you all look in fantastic shape being so active.



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