Day 21 Zero day in Big Bear 🐻 April 3, 2017

Well….this is the first time in 3 weeks that I really needed a zero day.  When we took one in Julian, Rob really needed it for his ankle and in Idyllwild we needed a day to figure out how to pick up the trail. My body started to feel the 3 weeks of hiking right before we got here and as I write this, both our feet feel less sore. We had a really nice day in Big Bear grabbing some local organic coffee from this little coffee hut in town.



Rob says my hair is getting so long and🤗


After some much desired caffeine (we both really enjoy coffee but rarely drink it anymore because it’s one more thing to carry and prepare on trail plus it dehydrates you. Just makes it better when you’re in town😊) we headed to Big 5 – sporting goods store- to look for a few things. They didn’t really have what we needed but picked up a few more dehydrated meals for this week. We are doing a mix of those and sausage, jerky, and other snacks. I’m eating for 5.  I swear, I’m so hungry all the time. Hiker hunger! We checked out the lake, hung out with the family and enjoyed a beautiful day here.  We also met backup with John here (aka The Ghost) who we had met back in Idyllwild. He is a nice guy and hope we have more time today with him tomorrow. He is writing a book and we would love to learn more about it.  Met a lot of really nice people we chatted with. Now we are sitting in our cabin, making dinner and watching a couple $3 dvds we got in town. A very nice evening. And we are excited to see Papa Romero tomorrow who is driving 2+ hours from LA to have brunch with us and take us back to trail. It’ll be great to be back in the 4SR and nature.

PS- I love having so few clothes and wearing the same thing all the time. It takes all the questioning out of getting dressed. We had our weekly shower and laundry and we are feeling fresh. Honestly, we don’t even crave anything more than that.


  1. Enjoying your blog. I’m the guy (dickebird) that took the ride on Fuller. I eventually used the Black Mtn. Rd to get around. I dropped down at the 246 Forest Service Road as you did. Smart move. Way too much snow. I am done, but I wish you all the best and look forward to following you. There is a gal behind you who claims to be crossing all this hard pack with no spikes or axe, she must know how to levitate herself. Be safe. Have fun. -Keep Smilin’



  2. I am enjoying your blog so much it’s very exciting to read about all your expeditions I hope your feet are doing ok I envy your trip wish I was younger say hi to my bro



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